Voodoo Chicken & Spice

Voodoo Chicken & Spice has been serving up the sound, the soul, and the taste of New Orleans since 2017. Freshly grilled Cajun chicken annointed in your choice of Southern spice and served up with legendary Louisiana sides. Experience a taste of New Orleans on the streets of London.


1. Your Meal

Chicken Burger

with coleslaw, fresh salad, and chilli jam in a toasted brioche.

Chicken Wrap

with coleslaw, lettuce, and chilli jam in a toasted tortilla

Chicken Box

in a box with coleslaw, and chilli jam and Cajun Fries

2. How Spicy?

Habanero & Honey

Tomato, habanero, molasses, paprika and thyme

Chipotle & Lime

Bell pepper, chipotle, lime, onion and garlic

Mango & Ginger

Mango, orange, cumin and ginger

3. Sides

Cajun Fries

Double fried and tossed in our secret Cajun spice blend

Dirty Rice

Cooked with the 'holy trinity' of green pepper, celery and onion


Halloumi Fries

Deep fried cheese with chilli jam and a yoghurt & mint dressing


Silky chicken gumbo served on Cajun Fries or Dirty Rice

  • Fresh British Chicken

  • Double Cooked Fries

Who We Are

During my career in the food industry, working from farm to fork, I fell in love with the flavour and spices of Cajun and Creole chicken. So I started teaming up with chefs to create authentic recipes, constantly looking to New Orleans for inspiration and recreating their wonderful food over here. The flavours we created and warm feeling it provides is so good that we know everyone has to taste it.

I launched Voodoo Chicken to prove that you can serve food that tastes amazing, takes you on a journey, and brings people together. I want to make it easy for people to eat well, at great value, and create memories that they’ll cherish forever. As they say in New Orleans, "Laissez les bons temps rouler" or "let the good times roll"!

Rory started Voodoo Chicken & Spice to bring people together through food, and to remind people what’s good about life by experiencing hospitality from the heart. There's no better way to bring people together than through food, which is far more than just fuel. It's a source of pleasure and something to share. He saw this first hand when working in the innovation team of one of the UK's largest food companies.

The flavours of New Orleans and stories from it's rich cultural history are absent from the UK's food scene. Rory wants to share the incredible flavours and aromatics of New Orleans food, whilst taking them on a journey to the warm evenings, party atmosphere, and easy-going life of America's most historic city.

Working towards this goal is a growing group of amazing people. They are part of our Voodoo family and will forever have a spot on the Voodoo Chicken Wall of Fame.

We’ve worked hard to match the flavours of rural Louisiana with ingredients we can get hold of to create an authentic menu with ingredients sourced as locally as possible, or grown and transported with care for the environment.

We try to balance healthy eating with hearty eating, and wherever we can we source our supplies from small family run businesses that make the best product we can buy. We're passionate about our food and work closely with our suppliers to continually improve the quality and taste of the food we offer.

Our vegetables are sourced daily from London's New Covent Garden Market and our chicken comes from farms that we have visited in Lincolnshire. All our bread comes from an artisan bakery down the road in South West London.

  • Freshest Ingredients

  • Grilled not Fried

Where to Find Us

Find us at Lower Marsh Market on London's South Bank every Tuesday - Friday, next to Waterloo Station and a short walk from the Old Vic theatre.

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